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Headquarters Training and Doctrine Command, Nigerian Army, ::: Minna. Niger State,Nigeria



The Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) was established in 1981 as the “think-tank” for the Nigerian Army along the lines of the US Army TRADOC.  The purpose for its establishment, amongst other functions, is to develop and evaluate training and doctrine and force structure for the NA and to implement AHQ training policies and directives. This was predicated on the need to ensure that a common framework and approach to military operations form the basis of a joint doctrine from which plans could be developed and implemented successfully. In addition, it was also designed to conduct and coordinate research activities in conjunction with Defence Headquarters (DHQ), Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON), Sister Services and other relevant civil establishment.

Over the years, the roles assigned to TRADOC have continued to rise. In 1992 for instance, the conduct of promotion examinations was added to TRADOC’s responsibilities. To also ensure effective performance of its assigned roles, all NA Training Schools/ Institutions were placed under the control of TRADOC. This was to create the enabling environment to enable TRADOC effectively formulate, coordinate, evaluate and impalement NA Training policies and directives.

 The first commander of TRADOC was Maj Gen G O Ejiga whose tenure of duty spanned from 30 October 1981- 08 January 1984. The logo of TRADOC is “Towards Greater Heights”.

Since its establishment in 1981, TRADOC has been able to perform its expected roles satisfactorily in spite of some constraints over the years. The repositioning of TRADOC, however, must necessarily start from empowering the command to effectively carry out its duties. The immediate priority areas to be addressed would include appropriate staffing and adequate equipment. The constraints of TRADOC, hopefully, would be addressed soonest.



The estimated strength of TRADOC is 90 x 275.  To carry out its roles, it is organised into a HQ TRADOC, 4 x Directorates and an Admin Wing. The Directorates are:

>. Directorate of Doctrine and Combat Development (DDCD).
> . Directorate of Training (DOT).
> . Directorate of Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (DRDT&E).
> . Directorate of Army Training Support (DATS).


  • Develop and evaluate doctrine and force structure for the NA in liaison with other sister Services.
  • Formulate and implement training policies in line with NA doctrine.
  • Liaise with the local industries to provide technology and local support.
  • Conduct and coordinate research and development (R&D) in conjunction with DHQ, DICON, sister Services and other relevant civil establishments.
  • Preparation and production of training manuals in liaison with other corps.
  • Conduct promotion examinations for NA.
  • Coordinate the testing and evaluation of operational equipment and quality control.
  • Review examination syllabi for the NA.
  • Act as Corps Headquarters when 2 divisions are committed in operations.
  • Act as alternative AHQ.


A cross section of oficers and soldiers of TRADOC listening to instructions during the 2010 Annual Range classification.......... See more >>>
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